I Started A Business- Undercover Leaky Mommas

Three years ago, when I began nursing, I found out many washable breast pads are bulky and are hard to hide under your shirt.  For a while I settled for disposable pads but over time the cost added up.  So I decided to make my own and settled on a design that worked REALLY well.  So well that I thought to myself, “One day I’d like to sell them.”  Well friends, that day has finally come!  Hooray!

Here’s my latest batch.  I made these up for my buddy, Susanne’s, baby shower.  In the pictures you’ll see two pairs laying side-by-side.  The left pair is for overnight and the right pair is the regular absorbance set. I made the washable gift bag too.  I sure hope she loves them as much as I did. :0)

custom bag overnights and regular in baby pink-top view overnights and regular- side view in baby pinkULMas is short for Undercover Leaky Mommas, the brand name of my washable breast pads.  These pads are leak-proof, discrete, no-fray, and absorbant.  If you or someone you know would like to buy them visit my site:


“Nursing is beautiful and now washable breast pads are too!”

Have a great weekend!

Dear Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to make something that worked for me, available to others.  It’s fun to be creative and help others.  Amen.


One thought on “I Started A Business- Undercover Leaky Mommas

  1. Erica – they are so amazing. Every step you take in this venture is blessed! And just think HankO and GidR were your inspiration. XXoo

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