Thankful and Fruitful- Part 2

My older sister, Charity, just had her beautiful baby girl.  My sweet friend, Karlene, just had her beautiful baby girl too.  They have even more in common even though they don’t know each other.

Months ago, I learned that Charity’s baby was due July 27, 2013.  I soon realized that if she came a day late she would be born on our Mom’s birthday.  I began to pray.  At 11pm on July 27th I prayed saying, “Lord please make Charity and Karlene go into labor right now.”  Then we went to sleep.

The next day, to my delight, both babies were born!  Charity delivered Gracelyn Elaine at 5:04pm and Karlene delivered Marion Maxine at 11:40pm, on JULY 28th!  What joy filled my heart to have this prayer answered with a yes!

What’s more?  Both Charity and Karlene chose names for their daughters that honor members of their family.  Karlene named her daughter after her grandmothers.  Charity gave Gracelyn the middle name Elaine, which is our Mom’s middle name (and Charity’s too). 🙂

Karlene’s due date was July 19th, so you see sometimes God really does answer prayer quick.  On July 27th I asked God for her to go into labor “right now” and the next day, boom, baby’s here.  She didn’t come on July 28th because it was her due date or even close (sorry Karlene).

Gracelyn is only 4 hours old in these pictures!

Charity, Gracelyn and me

Charity, Gracelyn and me

Charity and GracelynI am so thankful because this precious time in Charity’s life has brought us close for the first time in years. Gracelyn, you are a perfect miracle and we love you very much!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dear Jesus, thank you for your amazing love and gracious answer to my prayers.  Thank you that these baby girls are both healthy and strong.  Thank you for blessing both Charity and Karlene’s labors.  You are so good and loving.  I am SO thankful! Amen.


2 thoughts on “Thankful and Fruitful- Part 2

  1. Yes, Lord thank you for your abundant blessings – how precious it is to see my beautiful daughters celebrating Gracie’s birth!!!! PS thank you for the 28th of July. That was really incredible! Amen

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