We Got A New Car!

We have been blessed beyond measure.  One blessing is our new car, a 2009 VW Jetta Tdi wagon with a true manual transmission.  If you search, you’ll find these are very hard to get ahold of…  And we own one now. 🙂

Until yesterday we were driving a 1994 Toyota 4Runner.  This is a big upgrade.  Our new car has heated seats and features galore including leather interior.  Plus, man oh man does it have power.  True, we cannot drive it on the sand like you could the 4Runner (which has directions for doing so on the drivers side visor!) but we can get up a hill real quick.  It is SO fun to drive.  I loaded the boys up today and we just drove around.  The boys love our new car too.

Here’s a link to our 4Runner if you know someone who is looking to buy one:

Reliable 1994 Toyota 4Runner With Low Miles

And here are some pictures of our new ride:

Jetta backseat Jetta drivers side Interior Jetta side Jetta Trunk

Dear Jesus, your provision pours out everywhere, into everything.  Thank you for blessing us with this new car.  I pray someone will buy our 4Runner soon.  Amen.


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