Birth Rights, Mix-It-Up Monday’s

I wrote a while back on the connection between the logic of Hitler, Darwin and those who support abortion.  You can view that post here.  What I did not go into was my own personal thoughts about evolution science and the connection with birth rights.

When exactly does a human obtain human rights?  Exhaustive definitions of human rights are beyond the scope of this blog (because my boys nap is not THAT long so I cannot attempt to completely cover that topic).  I do however find it important to answer this question of when.

If asked, “Which people get human rights?”

Most would give the cursory answer of, “Every human.”


That is not what we practically do.

The millions of unborn aborted “medical waste” never were allowed human rights.

For my purposes here, what is a basic definition of human?

One definition from the Webster dictionary says, “Having human form or attributes.”

So, a fetus is a human.


What is a basic definition of human rights?

Webster says, “rights (as freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture, and execution) regarded as belonging fundamentally to all persons”

Science is amazing, isn’t it?  Atoms, compounds and molecules; the makings of the world and its contents.

Each human a unique compilation of DNA.

I find it difficult to tease out the a difference between birth rights and human rights because it is a bit like teasing out blue from purple.

If a human is human by form and attributes and every human has human rights, then an unborn of our species is human.

If the unborn of the homo sapien species are in fact human, then birth rights=human rights.

Growing up, I loved science.  I conducted experiments long before I began formal education.  (I can easily argue every human does but that, again, is beyond the scope of this post.)  I did NOT dream of having babies or getting married.  I enjoyed my intellect.  As a Christian, I can see this as quite prideful.  At any rate, God gifted me with aptitude for the sciences and so I continued my schooling through college, always focused in science.  I enjoyed the exploration of how things work.

I am still astounded that a sperm and egg (the two physical ingredients that form a human) can meet, ever.  Then replicate vigorously, often perfectly.

Then 16 years later, get a drivers license and a job!

How do you suppose this can possibly occur?

I venture there’s a master over the process, I know him as God.  God is the greatest scientist.  He is the ONLY scientist who can run an experiment, completely control every variable and know the outcome before it occurs with 100% accuracy.  No margin of error.  None.

Lastly, my view of abortion.  (Please read what I am writing not what you think I mean or fear I might be saying.)  I wish to address abortion as it pertains to a direct violation of human rights.  Since we established human rights are equal to birth rights, when aborting, we violate human rights of those who have yet to draw their first breath.

In my previous post I discussed the excuses or rationale I have heard for justifying murder of select humans, namely the unborn through abortion.

Here I will put it plainly.


I’m not God, and to say I decide who should die is blasphemy.

Dear Jesus, thank you for the life that you have given me.  Thank you for calling me to have children.  Our boys are truly miracles of your divine orchestration.  Thank you that we get to steward them as gifts from you.  Amen.



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