Gideon to the ER

Sunday night after a long day tending to Hank who had the stomach flu, I drove Gideon to the ER after 11pm.  😦

He had a raspy voice and a strange cough all day but was in great spirits until shortly after going down for bed.  We could hear a strange cry on the monitor like a maimed animal. So sad.

I took him out of bed and discovered he was having difficulty breathing.  He’s only two this was horrifying for me as a momma.  I rushed into the bathroom and started pouring a bath then a shower then holding him in the steam filled room.  Bart took over and I went to get eucalyptus oil to add to the water.  While Bart was holding Gideon we observed his ribs as he pulled with all his might to draw each breath.  I was so scared.  I called the on call nurse who recommended calling 911.  Shortly after calling, the EMT’s arrived.  Gideon is such an amazing little boy he was smiley despite his misery.  They advised us to take him to the ER.  Bart stayed home with Hank, who was resting peacefully in his bed (thank you Jesus).  I loaded Gideon up and off we went to the hospital.

I felt horrible taking him out in the cold so dog sick.  When we arrived at the hospital we drove past all the parking spots that are reserved for the elderly, disabled, and rechargeable cars.  That last one makes me angry.  I have to give preference to someone who drives a car they plug-in?  Way more important than my son getting to the ER quickly.  Anyway, no offense to folks who drive said vehicles.

The long walk through the parking lot to the ER entrance helped!  By the time the doctor evaluated Gideon, his cough was minimal and he even sang the ABC song!  I just love him.

Giddo in gown (1) Giddo in gown (2) Giddo in gown with blanky

I explained that his cough sounds like a bark and he was having such trouble breathing earlier.  He asked if it improved after going outside.  “Yes.” I replied.  He said, “Sounds like croup.”

He explained to me that when a child has croup going out into the cold air stops spasms and soothes the barking cough.  He administered a single dose of steroid to ensure Gideon wouldn’t suffocate and sent us on our way.  Just before leaving an assistant gave Gideon a popsicle.  That last part sounds ridiculous but they said to push fluids and that cold helps.

So out we went in the cold night 12am air past all the empty rechargeable car spots on the long trek to our car.  Gideon joyously chomped on his popsicle and I laughed at the craziness that was our Sabbath day.

Dear Jesus, Thank you that Gideon is on the mend.  Please heal him quickly.  Thank you for bringing Hank through the stomach flu quick too.  I pray for provision and health.  Please don’t allow Bart or me to get the stomach flu.  Amen.


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