DIY Christmas Wreath & A Center Piece – $12 well spent

Last weekend on  a hike we noticed someone had cut back  a pine tree and its limbs laid on either side of the path.  The gears got going and within seconds I was asking Bart if we could carry some out to make a wreath.  He was on board so we took several trimmings home. A neighbor of ours has a lovely tree that has dropped all of its pinecones, so I happily gathered what I needed from them.  I then went to the store and purchased:

1- Can Metallic Silver Spray Paint $8

1- package mini red Christmas tree bulbs $4

I tied the pine trimmings together with green garden wire that I already had and this is what we wound up with:

DIY Wreath Christmas 2013

We had extra pinecones and bulbs so I made a center piece for the table:

 Christmas 2013 Centerpiece

Dear Jesus, I pray that this easy diy project will encourage others to get festive too.  Thank you for walks with my hubby and our boys.  Your creation is SO beautiful.  Amen.


2 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Wreath & A Center Piece – $12 well spent

  1. Erica – what a beautiful job you did making these celebration masterpieces!!! Not only are you bring joy to your family and all who see them, you captured a memory from your family hike! xxoo

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